Posted by: mvhuff | July 30, 2017

Enemy M(in)e

I set a goal so  far off
(too lofty? Time will tell)
I take the shot, the arrow true
My aim is not – distracted
Distance, difficulty, what?
To shoot again, I have to
Move, but mossy roots have
Overgrown my legs –
So hard to chop and so
So soft – maybe
I the goal is better
Left alone.

But I venture on,
The path is straight
Until a glint to the side
So close, so no
Harm done to take a
Brief look, slight
Detour, then back  – but wait!
Another sparkle, so enthralling
And just a bit more
Off the path, but
So much closer
And so alluring.

With effort I return
To my first purpose, but
A bleak companion
Latches on as a cloak,
Grasps my face and neck.
Can’t see, can’t hear
Can’t breathe,
Can’t feel.

Why not succumb
Just stop
What’s the point
Or the use?
Maybe none
Maybe all
Could I just
Stop the fight?

But I had a dream
An aim before
And to aspire
I must go on.
Perhaps never
Will the goal be gained
But I strive
To chop the clinging moss
Skip the shimmering sidesteps
Cast off the dark cloaks
And move on.


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