Posted by: mvhuff | July 9, 2017

It’s a Wonder

I understand that there are some people who excel in analyzing situations, in examining circumstances and the pros and cons of various choices. They can project simulations into the future and weigh probabilities of success or the various potential outcomes to determine the best course of action – or perhaps the least bad course of action.

I am not such a person.

This has been driven home recently by some things I have done that wind up with me thinking something along the lines that what my actions did not work out the way I had anticipated. Maybe if I had been more forward thinking or analytic about what I was doing I might have avoided my mishaps.

The other day I returned from my workout in the gym to discover that the neighbor’s contractor, having worked on the roof, had dropped a fair amount of old roofing material in my backyard. A large pile of tar paper and some metal pieces were randomly strewn around my yard and I was steamed. By this time, the workmen had left so there was no one to complain to (although I had held some hope since they had left the back door wide open, but no one answered my pounding).

Since I was leaving the next day for vacation, I decided (in my annoyance) to throw the stuff back into the neighbor’s yard. Maybe this wasn’t very neighborly, but I wasn’t thinking it through at this point. The smaller pieces were quite easy to toss, but then there was a large piece all stuck together that was probably longer than I am and I couldn’t quite get it to go over.

I tried ripping it, but that proved more challenging than I expected. This should have been the pause point that would have helped me rethink my position, but no. I got my stepladder from my house and positioned it next to the fence. As I climbed up I considered that this wasn’t the most stable platform for the ladder, but that didn’t stop me. I climbed up and started lifting and heaving.

It was somewhere around this point that I noticed that nails in the roofing material. I also noticed blood coming from one arm (not a lot in the end). But by this point I was committed (or perhaps committable). So I finished the deed (mostly) and returned to the house.

It was at the point of reopening my screen door that I considered that perhaps wearing gloves to handle the tar paper would have been a good idea. Too late – I had to wash my hands and arms several times, even using dish soap – to get the tar and grime mostly off my arm. And I was left with a two inch cut in my arm – but I cleaned that and applied antibiotic cream and bandaged it – it was fortunately not a deep cut.

The next morning, in preparation for my trip, I decided to have a protein drink. I have recently discovered that seltzer or sparkling water can be a tasty addition to protein powder. This particular morning I also discovered that perhaps the first few times I had done this the sparkling water was flatter than what I used that morning.

I shook it up and then let it sit while I went about other morning preparations. Then I mistakenly flipped open the drink hole while it was facing me – and received a blast of unmixed powder right in my eye. Fortunately my glasses protected the eye from what was a surprisingly forceful expulsion. I was able to clean off the glasses and drink the part that had been mixed in so it wasn’t too bad of an experience.

I could supply other examples of things that I manage to do without apparently thinking them through thoroughly enough, but these are just the latest things that sometimes make me wonder how I have managed to survive as long as I have.


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