Posted by: mvhuff | December 23, 2016

God With Us

I wrote this several years ago, inspired in part by the song Mary, Did You Know?


How did it feel, Lord Jesus, when,
After holding the Universe
You were held, by tender hands then
Wrapped in cloths and lain in straw?
You’d seen the world before it was
And then opened new and tiny eyes
Whose sight was filled by just one face.
How did it happen, that the hand
That moved the waters and placed the sun
Now barely grasped a mother’s thumb?
Oh, what was it like, when as a boy
You gazed at night skies that You had formed?
Did You remember each star by name?
Were You ever surprised in childhood games,
Or ever bored with daily routines?
Or, sitting close by Joseph’s side, did You ever yearn
For the heavenly worship at Your throne?
Did You weary working for Your bread
Knowing the time You’d needed none?
And, walking down the dusty roads, did You recall
When You had watered all the world?
Did You often tire of human failures
Or blame us for Your earthbound limits?
And do You now know if we will ever
Recognize the gift You gave us?




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